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Good to Great | Episode 06

March 06, 2020 Kail Letkemann Episode 6
Books Collide Podcast
Good to Great | Episode 06
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Good to Great by Jim Collins lays out six business principles that explain how companies can go from being good, or average, to being great or extraordinary.

The six principles are called:

- Level 5 Leadership
- First Who, Then What
- Confront the Brutal Facts
- The Hedgehog Concept
- A Culture of Discipline
- Technology Accelerators

After going through what these mean, I compare Good to Great to two books that have been covered in previous episodes:

- How does the Hedgehog Concept relate to the advice given in The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau?

- Can we see these principles in the efforts of Howard Schultz in his book Onward?

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